About Starbright Foundation

" Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime." Herbert Ward

Starbright Foundation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) Corporation

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to rescue children and young adults from human sex trafficking and modern day slavery, as well as other dangerous and abusive environments in association with local law enforcement and governing authorities. Our purpose: To be the voice for children whose voices are silenced by fear and suffer alone, with little or no hope for a future.

How we do this:

Starbright is establishing "safe houses" which provide maximum safety for endangered children, an environment for healing.

We provide hope through crisis counseling, trauma therapy and education.

We offer new beginnings through specialized care for victims of cultic, clergy, incest, mental, physical and sexual abuses, as well as comfort for their families.

The standard of care will be personalized to the needs of each individual.

We will promote awareness in the community on the escalating crimes of child pornography and exploitation, which cause human suffering within our communities and nation.

We will be encouraging monetary, volunteer, and community assistance support. Time, talents, and treasures are all thankfully accepted.

We strive to be the beacon of light for those children that are in need of love that doesn’t hurt and trust that won’t be broken.




Please let us step out and be the light

To those who are are suffering this very night

Let those who cry out,  all on their own

Feel safe and know that they're not all alone

Let me never forget as my life goes on by

That someone will suffer and others will die

Let us all have the chance, to be beacons of light

Let us save them, love them, and help them this night.